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Hardscaping solutions in San Marcos

Diamondback Landscaping & Lawn Care offers a variety of services in addition to generalized lawn and tree care. We have years of experience with hardscaping projects and excavation work as well. We also offer hauling service for all your fill and removal needs. Please feel free to make an appointment to explore all the details for your next project. We'll be happy to sit down with you to talk about what your vision is and discuss how we can help you make it a reality. We consider it our job to give you options to choose from or to work out all the details of what you already have in mind.


Diamondback Landscaping & Lawn Care is able to handle both large and small-scale hardscaping projects. We can pour patios and paths to improve the look of exterior spaces. We are also able to construct decorative retaining walls and custom pieces for water gardens. If you have decorative stonework in mind, we are able to tackle that as well. Hardscaping can beautify an empty area, or add interest to an established green space. We will be happy to show you some of our previous projects if you need ideas, or let us know what you are thinking. We are able to execute all types of exterior structures.
Hardscaping solutions by professionals in San Marcos, TX

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Excavation services

Excavation is another area of specialty at Diamondback Landscaping & Lawn Care. If you are hoping to put in a pool, dig out a bed for planting, or excavate for a new parking lot, we can get the work done. Our excavation crew knows how to handle grading and digging, and we are able to provide an excellent start for any project you have. Get a quote from us today.

Material hauling

If you have material hauling needs, don't hesitate to contact us for help. We can remove or bring you topsoil, road base, rock and gravel, depending on what you require. We are also able to haul soil mixes, mulch, sand and crushed granite. Get a quote for your next project, or learn more about the process by calling us today. We'll answer any questions you have.
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