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Irrigation & Sprinkler

Irrigation systems & solutions in San Marcos

Diamondback Landscaping & Lawn Care handles a variety of irrigation projects in the San Marcos area. Irrigation systems help keep your plantings and lawn looking their best, day in and day out. Irrigiation also reduces the need for manpower, and can be very effective in terms of regular watering. We do installation work for both residential and commercial customers and we also perform maintenance and repair work if needed. Get in touch with our team to plan an irrigation solution that meets your needs. We'll be happy to walk you through some of the options or talk you through all the details.

Irrigation installations

If you are considering an irrigation system, Diamondback Landscaping & Lawn Care can help you get set up. We do brand new installation work and have the ability to do residential sprinkler systems or full-scale corporate irrigation for exterior plantings. Our installation crew takes care to work around any current plantings you have and we make the most of our layout so your greenery can reap the benefits. We have a range of systems that you can select from, and we're able to include some extras as well if needed. Call us today to learn more about irrigation systems and how they may be helpful for your situation.
Irrigation systems and professional solutions in San Marcos, TX

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Outdoor irrigation systems can be a far more efficient option than watering manually. The team at Diamondback Landscaping & Lawn Care will work with you to come up with a solution that will keep your plantings and grass looking great without wasting water. Having an irrigation setup in place means easier watering and more efficient water use.

Maintenance & repair

Not only does Diamondback Landscaping & Lawn Care install irrigation systems, we also maintain and repair them. We are happy to set up a regular maintenance schedule if you like to keep things in working order. We can also troubleshoot and fix problems with sprinklers and outdoor irrigation systems. Let us know what you need and we'll take care of things.
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